Powering Your Business, One Payment At A Time!

Powering Your Business, One Payment At A Time!

Accept Payments

Do you own a cel phone with digital wallet options?

POS Solutions

Clover 'Duo' - $999

Up to 2 stations at this price


Clover 'Solo' - $799

Up to 2 stations at this price

Add a Handheld Device - FREE

For your 2nd station!!

Quick Service

Clover Mini - FREE

Up to 2 stations at this price


Pricing - Varies by Type Desired

Add up to 2 Clover Flex for FREE

Easily Sale In-Store & Online

Connect your menu to your website easily, and see real time notifications.

Track Inventory

Receive low stock alerts, get real time tracking, auto-generated purchase orders, and more!

1-2 Day Access to Capital

Clover Capital is not a loan. It's an advance of funds based on your future sales.

Send Invoices

Create invoices with automatic reminders sent to your clients to increase your accounts receivables!


What Is The Signup Process?

-We will need to verify identification (State I.D.; Driver's License; or a U.S. Passport)

-A Bank Account for making deposits into

-An application describing your business details

-Approval usually takes a few hours, up to 24 hours

-Select your equipment (FREE Placement is available)

-Equipment shipped and we help set it up and show you how to take payments (in-person or online)

Why Would I Use A Local Payment Processor?

-Using a local business supports the growth of the community you live in.

-Spending your money locally helps you feel proud to know you are helping someone's dream come true just as others are helping yours.

-Local Support = Calling Us not an 800 number to speak to someone in another country.

Will My Credit Score Be Affected?

-We do ask for your SSN to ensure your citizenship.

-The check will not effect your credit.