Clover Flex

Ideal for taking action! With this smart mobile terminal, you can accept payments and manage your sales, wherever you are!

Clover Mini

Compact, easy to use and incredibly fast. The Clover Mini is ideal for businesses that want a counter display. Ideal for cafes, counter restaurants, office professionals and more!

Clover Station (Solo or Duo)

Clover Station is the total package! With a large screen for employees and a payment terminal for customers, transactions are quick, easy and in style.

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Salons / Barbers

Connect with our network and grab a sleek website for booking and other needed features!

Inventory & Scheduling

Track your online and in-person inventory in real time.

Gift Cards

Keep loyal customers coming back! Rewards are proven to increase monthly sales by up to 52%.

Restaurant Package

- Tie in online menus that fire straight to the kitchen.

- Add Multiple Modifiers

- Assign Seating

- Split & Combine Tabs

- Transfer Tabs